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2010 erhielt sie von Joao de Deus die Erlaubnis Menschen auf ihrem Weg der Heilung nach Abadiania zu begleiten und zu unterstützen.

Weitere Infos unter: am Amazonas und lange Jahre in Deutschland zu Hause, komme ich nun schon seit 10 Jahren in die Casa de Dom Inacio.

Due to Pearl, at the Casa there is this massive power portal through which energies of love and light flow and therefore people around the world come here to be healed and miraculusly many are even with uncurable deseases. She came here the first time because a medium had chanelled the Casa, but Pearl first thought she was talking about the angels which she collaborates intimetely with.

When she found out about the Casa she immediately knew that she was destined to come here to help.

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Pearl is an angel medium, medium, reincarnation theraphist, oracle messenger, healer and a jewlery designer.

Wir betrachten es als ein grosses Privileg, als Casa Guides dienen zu können.