Karan johar is a male or female musical dating lonely

‘Or if I was interested in dating women, she would probably be the woman I would want to date.

Of course, she has her limitations and so do I.’ The media has long speculated that that ‘limitation’ is his sexuality. ’ ‘Karan Johar, director, writer, producer and actor.

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Yes, we all know that Karan johar has been one of the talented film makers, he herself has made these blockbuster films like that of Kuch Kuch Hota hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and also Student of the year! At times, he gets quite and rather hesitate to compliment the female celebs because of the fact that he has less in number of female friends. It was seen that Karan johar gave very strong and valid comments at the tweeter!

If you have this question in your mind that when Karan johar will be getting married, if you have any query with regard to his sex orientation then here at this post, we will be giving you the full details and information: It is said by this greatest and talented film maker his self that he never falls in love, he has very few of the female friends with whom he has been close with them. When same sex marriage was approved in more than 50 countries and people make fun of that in India then it was Karan johar who responded back to this same sex marriage issue to all those people who have been making fun of this delicate issue.

Today, all three of them can thank KJo for kick-starting their Bollywood career, as all of them are winning hearts and soaring new heights by the day!

Five years later, the sequel to the film has amassed a lot of attention, especially about the proposed cast that will be featured.

“Before we begin I would like to thank the entire panel for coming out today and Karan for not. Well, because Sidharth and Karan were close friends. Also, if rumors are to be believed the two even went for a holiday together in Paris.