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However, local and regional outbreaks in MSM in less affected areas do still occur. Methods: Since 2002, information on STIs is collected through a nation-wide sentinel surveillance system including local health offices, hospital-based STI clinics and private practitioners.

Conclusions: Syphilis among MSM seems to circulate mainly in a core subgroup of men at increased risk due to high levels of risk behaviour. We described FSW with STIs (FSWS) as collected by the German sentinel surveillance system and compared FSWS with other female STI patients (OFSP) in order to identify most vulnerable groups among FSW.

Patients completed an anonymous questionnaire about sexual risk behaviour and the likely route of transmission.

Munich Munich Herford Berlin Düsseldorf Munich Tübingen Mainz Munich Frankfurt/Main Madrid Essen Cologne Erlangen Kiel Hannover Andover Hants Munich Berlin Düsseldorf Erlangen Munich Mannheim Frankfurt/Main Frankfurt/Main Munich Salzgitter Munich Kiel Koletzko, B. Smaller and larger outbreaks among heterosexual men and women require continuous epidemiological vigilance and intensified and coordinated local/regional control measures. ER.4 Sexually transmitted infections in female sex workers in Germany results of the STI sentinel surveillance Bremer V. For every case of HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis and trichomonas infection, physicians completed a questionnaire regarding diagnosis, presumed mode of transmission and demographic information.

Investment Health offers standardised coaching and training for people working in the private industry but also for people working in other professions.


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