Stop over thinking dating sites

Since I have to travel alone, I am thinking of meeting someone in the country to accompany me.

I have heard from friends who have been in the Philippines that women there are friendly, gorgeous and open to sex.

To make this write up more effective, I will divide this into two sections.

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Filipina women do not mind our age, so at my 40s I can still bang teens or girls who are a decade younger than me or more.

I usually prefer younger girls because of their energy and stamina, not to mention they are more fun on the bed.

During my stay in the Philippines, I noticed that the women there are very friendly.

The sales lady at the SM malls, the clerks at the bank, the barista at the Starbucks coffee shop and even the vendors on the sidewalks are all very approachable.

A number of families struggle to survive in their daily living.


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