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To learn more about Azure Virtual Networks start with the information here: Azure Virtual Network Overview.Azure API Management can be deployed inside the virtual network (VNET), so it can access backend services within the network.Each VM instance can have one primary internal IP address, one or more secondary IP addresses, and one external IP address.

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Otherwise you need to update the API Management service each time you change the DNS Servers(s) by running the Apply Network Configuration Operation Routing through network virtual appliances: Configurations that use a UDR with a default route ( to route internet destined traffic from the API Management subnet through a network vitrual appliance running in Azure will prevent full communication between API Management and the required services. Warning Azure API Management is not supported with Express Route configurations that incorrectly cross-advertise routes from the public peering path to the private peering path.

Express Route configurations that have public peering configured, will receive route advertisements from Microsoft for a large set of Microsoft Azure IP address ranges.

Both external and internal primary IP addresses can be either ephemeral or static.

A forwarding rule is required for Network, global, and Internal load balancing.

The forwarding rule must have an external or internal IP address, depending on the load balancer you are using.