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My initial goal was to allow sound effects to be worked into standup comedy routines, as many comics do.

Some sounds are stored locally on the bot for quicker access like lasers sounds, while most are stored on the server and stream on demand.

I intend to integrate this new found source of knowledge about all the different use cases of a particular word to improve accuracy of many other existing algorithms in her brain. Among things like streaming music or weather, the Echo can control lighting, which means Anna can control lighting and stream Pandora.

I got an Amazon Echo recently and decided to test how the Echo (named Alexa) would react to Anna speaking to her. If I ask Anna to "Please dim the lights"..can delegate this by then saying "Alexa, dim the lights.", and the Echo will dim the lights.

In this way, hiking can be a lot more educational and fun, rather that just a source of sweat and blisters.