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Kristy Lee Cook (Season 7, Placed 7th)A rare female villain thanks to her cunning song choice, particularly when she followed up weeks of just escaping elimination with a drippingly sincere version of “God Bless the U. He had a nice smile, although, that didn’t really help the way his singing sounded. Sarina-Joi Crowe (Season 14, Placed 12th)Singing first on the season’s inaugural finalist showcase is tough.Giving yourself a One Republic song to wow the audience off the bat?

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Lazaro Arbos (Season 12, Placed 6th)Season 12 was designed to break the white-guy-with-guitars logjam that had plagued the Idol winner’s circle since David Cook’s 2008 victory; the male finalists that year were all fine, if flawed.

But Lazaro, a Floridian with a speech impediment who sailed into that year’s finals through the admittedly baller move of singing a song by just-installed judge Keith Urban, hung on long enough that year to make Idol obsessives wonder if his Vote for the Worst endorsement was the equivalent of a Teflon suit.

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After weeks of speculation that a reboot was in the works, ABC has announced it will be bringing the singing talent contest to its network during the 2017/18 TV season.

Carrie Underwood’s season-four victory allowed Idol to mark some territory in Nashville, while Chris Daughtry’s fifth-season deployment of Shinedown and Live helped nudge open the door to performers bearing instruments, who were finally allowed inside the Idol sanctum in season seven.


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