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, you'll be thrilled to hear that she hasn't left the ass-kicking action realm behind; as of this writing, she's been cast as the teleporting mutant Blink in Fox's new X-Men series.

Hopefully she hasn't let her hand-to-hand combat skills fall by the wayside.

The two looking for love were Sophie and Dom, who were both seeking men to sweep them off their feet – though both's eventual dates didn't work out in the end.

However, among the parade of willies and awkward hugs, viewers spotted a familiar face from another Channel 4 dating show.

And since then, it's also made him the go-to guy pretty much anytime someone needs a character actor to play a bald, not-entirely-pleasant man — which Plunkett seems happy enough to do, without any fuss. Don't let his on-screen personas fool you, though; in real life, Plunkett is a totally nice and normal guy who enjoys his privacy and tweets for good causes, like the ongoing campaign to keep honeybees from going extinct.